Welcome to my blog! Take a seat and stay a while.

When I was 15 and just learning to drive, I mixed up the gas and the brake and crashed my mom’s car into my house, wrecking the vehicle. After that incident, my older sister–ever the comedienne– took my name, Ashley, and decided I would be known only as “Crashley” (or “Crash” for short) from that point on. Ever since then, that’s been my approach to life: crashing into it fast and headfirst, occasionally wrecking things, but learning from my mistakes. This way of living has led me on many adventures, including my latest: packing up my entire life and moving to England for 10 months. I’ve decided to make this blog to compile┬ámy experiences, sharing with you my adventures and the little crash courses in life I gain while on┬áthis crazy ride.


So what do you say, wanna come along?