Crash Ventures to…Reykjavik, Iceland: My Guide to Iceland’s Capital

A solo female traveller's guide to the capital of Iceland.


Crash Ventures to…Paris, France

If you follow this blog or at least have read other posts and paid attention to what I've said, you'd know that I will swear up and down that getting on a plane and moving to England for a year is the best thing I've ever done for myself. And I'm right. That is the … Continue reading Crash Ventures to…Paris, France

Crash Ventures to Canterbury: One Month Down

Flashback to this day exactly one month ago. To me, nervously checking and rechecking that I had all the necessary paperwork as I waited to pass through customs. To me wrestling two suitcases half my height off the luggage carousel at Heathrow, and playing a sick game of Tetris trying to fit them and carry … Continue reading Crash Ventures to Canterbury: One Month Down


Crash Ventures to… Canterbury, England

Greetings from Canterbury! Depending on whether or not you read my bio or follow me on social media, you may know that this beautiful city is where I'm lucky enough to be studying abroad for the next nine months. I have spent the last two weeks getting adjusted and exploring my new home, and I … Continue reading Crash Ventures to… Canterbury, England