Crash Ventures to… Canterbury, England

Greetings from Canterbury! Depending on whether or not you read my bio or follow me on social media, you may know that this beautiful city is where I’m lucky enough to be studying abroad for the next nine months. I have spent the last two weeks getting adjusted and exploring my new home, and I fall a little bit more in love every day.

A shot of Butchery Lane from my first full day here. Fun Fact: I set a photo of this exact view as my computer background for motivation in the months leading up to when I left. Peep the Cathedral.


My days have mostly been spent in the city centre, traipsing the cobblestone streets gandering at buildings that are older than my country. I seem to find something new every time I get lost (which happens a lot). I think that’s my favorite part of being here. There’s always something new to see, some new side street to wander down, a new little garden or bookshop to mosey through. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Top: The Chaucer Bookshop–named for the author of The Canterbury Tales–which I found while lost and searching for pizza. Below: The entrance to Greyfriars Gardens, which a friend and I found (shockingly) while lost and searching for the grocery store.


Where I come from in the States, nothing is really walkable and instead of cute little downtowns there’s mostly just a lot of commercial shopping centers (3 Targets within 7 miles for the win!), so I’m really enjoying all the walking and cute little shops. Slowly but surely I’m making my transformation from tourist to local.

Saint Margaret’s Street just before the rain, which I was of course unprepared for. Luckily, a kind British man gave me his spare umbrella.


Since I’ll be here for nine months, I’ll probably have a few more Crash Ventures to features on this wonderful place, but those will most likely be moreso about the cool places I find within the city.

In the meantime, look out for my posts on my previous trips to Whitstable and Leeds Castle as well as my upcoming trips to London and Paris!


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