My First Post!

Hi! Welcome to my blog! I’ve never had one of these before, so I’ll kind of be figuring it out and making it up as I go along. But seeing as this is my very first post, I’d do well to introduce myself a bit and give you an idea of what this blog will basically be about.

I’m Ashley, or “Crash” if you ask my sister Amanda. I’m 21. Two weeks from today, I’ll be packing up everything I can fit into two suitcases and getting on a plane to England, where I’ll live for the next 10 months. It’s been crazy and stressful getting ready for something like that, but I’m finally starting to get excited about it! If you wanna get to know me a little bit more, check out the So you wanna get to know me, eh? tab, where I’ve covered most of the bases about who I am and what this blog is for.

Speaking of, this blog will be set up with three main types of posts:

  • Crash Ventures to…: These posts will be my travel adventures, since I plan to do a lot of that. These “crashventures” could be general overviews of my time in certain cities (ie: Paris, Rome, etc.) or could be my ventures to fun new restaurants or bookshops or parks that I stumble upon.
  • Crash Courses: These will be my little life lessons, tips, and tricks primarily for studying abroad, but on various other things, too. It really just depends where inspiration will strike (or maybe I’ll just make a bunch of dumb decisions, learn from them, and then share with you what not to do).
  • General Posts: Occasionally, I will make a post that isn’t a Crash Ventures To… or a Crash Course and may really just be about any random thing, kinda like this post. I have no idea what types of things I will come up with, so I don’t just want to limit myself to those two categories and not be able to talk about other things.

If there’s anything you  want me to post about–whether it be specific study abroad/travel tips or book recommendations or where I buy my vast striped sweater collection etc.–feel free to reach out to me via the Talk to Me page or on any of my social media (which is linked in the page footer).

Thank you for wanting to come along on this journey with me. I can’t promise it will always be awesome all the time, but I promise that it will be real.

Tally-ho let’s go!

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